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PENDLA is the municipal carpooling service for counties, cities and municipalities.

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For the majority

The majority drives to work by car. Available seats often remain vacant.


Carpooling is an elementary component of traffic transition.


Riding together is very popular if you can find the right passengers.

Ready for launch

Connect county, city or municipality to PENDLA. Done.

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Motorised personal transport
Mass transit


Local public transport


Pedestrian and bike traffic

“For many people, public transport is, in case of doubt, dispensable or the second-best choice.”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie
Mobility Researcher

The car is the most important means of transport for commuters

The provision and maintenance of sustainable mobility infrastructure is an integral part of the public services of cities, municipalities and counties.

Today, public transport is the mode of choice for only a fraction of commuters. The majority takes their own car and drives to work alone:
Available seats in cars remain unused – valuable resources are wasted.

Commute together

Riding alone is so yesterday

PENDLA complements the municipal transport portfolio with a ride-sharing portal that actively and sustainably facilitates carpooling.

Reduce traffic volume


Environmental relief


Save travel & parking costs

Everywhere with you

Ready for all devices

PENDLA runs platform independent on smartphones and tablets as well as on the computer at home.

The fully cloud-based ridesharing service for commuters requires no installation or maintenance – neither on the user side nor on the part of the municipal administration.


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