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Ride sharing for every day

Intuitive carpooling solution for commuters in cities and municipalities.

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Who is a commuter?

“All professionals whose place of work is not on the same property as their home.”


Million commuters


Work days per year


Miles per year

The ride to work in numbers

Every day, 150 million US workers commute from their homes to their workplaces. More than two thirds of commuters use their cars for this purpose. In 94% of these daily trips to work, the driver sits alone in the car and the free spaces in the car remain unused.

Common to all journeys are the always the same basic paramters of each ride::
same route, same destination, similar time.

Free to use

A service for all commuters

PENDLA is always free of charge for all residents and is provided by municipalities as part of their public services and environmental protection.

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Promoting sustainable mobility

The logical complement to public transport

As a commuter portal, PENDLA completes the municipal mobility offering and encourages recurring carpools to the workplace.

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PENDLA for your municipality

Municipal commuter portal for citizens. Connect your community now.

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Search engine for commuters

Turn neighbours into co-drivers

PENDLA makes finding suitable passengers for the daily commute to work a piece of cake.

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As easy as 1, 2, 3


Enter where you live

The place of residence is assumed to be the starting address for daily trips.

Set work place

The work address determines the destination of the daily commute.

Additional information

Useful details such as work days, hours and car availability.

Matching commuters at a glance

  • Map-based user interface
  • Trip matching on start and destination
  • Visual route comparison on the map
  • Intuitive to use on all devices
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PENDLA for your community

Support your citizens on their daily commute to work: encourage ridesharing, reduce traffic and protect the environment.

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