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The #1 commuter network

Turn neighbors into co-drivers

PENDLA connects commuters on their way to work and facilitates carpooling. Every day, more and more commuters ride together.

Map-based view

Ridesharing needs a common destination:
PENDLA identifies the ideal nearby co-passengers.

Automated search

Matching co-passengers are always shown based on your own commute route.

Visual route matching

Map-based comparison of other routes with your own route to your workplace.

Individual filters

Narrow and filter results based on individual requirements.

The best matches

PENDLA compares your own route to work with matching routes of other commuters in the area and displays the best results at a glance.


Your own profile

The most important details about your own commute.

Profile picture

Give others a better picture of yourself.

Commute schedule

Details of departure times for the outward and return commutes.

Home and work

This is where you enter where you live and where you work.

Commute information

Important additional information about your own ride to work for others.


Privacy by Design

PENDLA is designed from the ground up to be privacy-friendly: the default settings safeguard the user’s privacy, all information is collected sparingly. As a matter of course, the data is not used for advertising purposes.

Hosted in Germany

All data is stored in Germany in state-of-the-art, ISO-certified data centers and regularly backed up as part of data protection-compliant backups. Transmission of data is performed via 256-bit AES encryption.

Get started

Request a license quote to connect your county or municipality to the PENDLA network.

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